World’s  second biggest country, Canada has abundance of beautiful landscapes  and distinctive sites for travellers to explore. From coast to coast,  Canada is an abode of vibrant and unbelievable natural wonders, soaring  mountains and sparkling glaciers that certainly will awake your inner  explorer.

Individuals  visiting Australia for purposes like vacation, sightseeing, visiting  relatives and friends must apply for Australia tourist visa under  Subclass 600.Australia, world’s smallest continent, is one of the most  popular travel destinations in the world. 

UK  tourist or visitor visa permits an individual to visit the UK for  leisure, business or to receive private medical treatment.  The United  Kingdom is a delight for tourists all across the globe, London being one  of the most sought after cities for a perfect vacation.

Overseas  travellers planning for a trip to United States for vacation, visiting  family and friends, or medical treatment need to apply for a  nonimmigrant visa or US tourist visa [US B1 / B2 visa].